Welcome to TaxSheets - the home of ready to use spreadsheets for Self Assessment. We enable you to submit your spreadsheet accounts to HMRC as part of the Self Assessment Making Tax digital pilot . Apart from paper, spreadsheets are the most popular method for individuals completing their self assessment (HMRC research May 2022) and we are here to help!

Early bird - get started today!

Whilst the HMRC pilot (see our FAQs page) is restricted, that doesn't stop you from signing up and using our spreadsheets today. You can get your accounts in shape, ready for when Making Tax Digital becomes compulsory, or if/when you decide (or become eligible) to join the pilot.

Key reasons:

  1. It's free!
  2. Get your accounting figures in shape
  3. Be ready for 2024 when Making Tax Digital becomes compulsory
  4. Be ready to join the pilot and submit your figures quarterly

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How our system works

Our easy to use DIY solution is for everyone who completes an annual self assessment. Simply sign up for the pilot, create an account with us and then:

  1. Download the spreadsheet(s) (within our secure portal)
  2. Log your figures in the spreadsheets
  3. Upload your spreadsheets to our system
  4. Preview and confirm your figures
  5. We send your figures to HMRC