Accessibility features

At TaxSheets we are keen to make our site accessible for users with different needs. In particular all features of the site should be accessible via the keyboard (i.e. not require a mouse).


Throughout the site you may come across the following abbreviations. We will endeavour to use the html friendly tag, but in the event that we miss one - here are the most common you might find:

  • MTD - Making Tax Digital (a UK Government scheme)
  • ITSA - Income Tax Self Assessment

Where am I?

We have a little feature on our site which can be enabled / disabled which puts a black border around the item your tab key (main focus) is currently on. We call this the "Where am I" feature.

Please note, activating/de-activating the "Where am I" feature below will reload the page immediately and uses a cookie to keep track of your preferences.

This feature is currently turned off. Turn the "Where am I" feature on.

Other features

  • Screen readers will see a Skip navigation option as the first element on the page
  • We provide a Site map on both our site and portal to provide extra assistance with navigation
  • We have conducted automated reviews of our code and will hopefully use manual testing as well in future
  • We aim for our site to be a good colour contrast ratio
  • All links make sense when read out of context
  • Images are only used where necessary and will contain adequate alternative explanations/descriptions
  • All new Window links will be marked with
  • Use of the header,main and footer tags help indicate where in the page you are
  • We do not use accesskey's as apparently these can conflict with your user experience.

Level 3 (AAA) features

This site aims to meet the WCAG level AA (level 2) guidelines. However we have not stopped there and in many areas (such as contrast colours and additional tags and features) we are aiming for AAA (level 3).

Whilst our site is responsive as possible, our main tool is intended for PCs/Desktops (inc Macs/Linux stations). This is because you will interact and upload spreadsheets and we do not believe that full tax handling is done on mobile phones/tablets.

If you find that a feature/function of our site is not particularly accessible for your needs please do not hesitate to contact us.