Our prices

We will provide a number of different packages for all your tax submission needs. At present only the Early Bird/Basic free version is available.

FeaturesFree/Early Bird£9.99 per year£13.99 per year
Small Businesses (<£85)
Large Businesses (>£85)
Multiple Businesses
Community Support *
Email Support *
All Income spreadsheets
Email reminders **
SMS reminders (Not yet available)
Spaces Available26
Full data control

* As of launch, Email support will be available to all users however this will be withdrawn once our forums are online.

** Please note that due to anti spam restrictions, email notifications are not guaranteed. Whilst we try hard, please keep a record of your obligation dates as well.

Any Questions?

  • What is included in the "All Income spreadsheets"?

    We provide spreadsheets for:

    • Pensions
    • Employments
    • Charitable Giving
    • CIS deductions
    • Reliefs
    • Income
    • State Benefits
    • Sea Farers
  • What are Spaces Available?

    To manage our systems and scalability we are not offering an unlimited free service. We currently admit new users in batches. Our first batch is 50 free accounts. Beyond that we would hope to offer in the hundreds. Please come back every few weeks to see if we have opened another batch.
  • Will you be offering free to all eventually?

    We certainly hope so. If however we are unable to support our free users properly, then we cannot guarantee it will. In that case we will advise HMRC to be removed from their "free products" section.
  • What happens if my income is not what I expect?

    If your income is lower than expected unfortunately you will still need to pay our renewal fee. If you do not anticipate your income will exceed the threshold next year, please contact us and we'll update your account. If however your income exceeds the threshold, you will need to change your package and download a different spreadsheet to change your figures.
  • When is support available?

    At present support is available Monday - Friday. We aim to respond to emails within 4 hours and the forum based community support will assist where possible (24/7). We monitor the forums during the day and provide support as well.
  • My qualifying income is less than £10k. Why should I sign up to TaxSheets?

    If your self employed income is less than £10,000 you do not need to submit quarterly updates for your business. HMRC will provide a solution and you may do your annual updates as you currently do.

    If however you you need to declare other income (such as from employments or dividends) then our spreadsheets make this process much quicker and easier. How? Because rather than telling HMRC every year which data you'll be providing, our platform enables you to only upload the spreadsheets you already know you need! We aim to make our process quicker than HMRC's - saving you time. Plus if your self employed income exceeds £10,000 in the future, you will be ready and setup to go.

  • I will be eligble for MTD - why should I use your paid services?

    Our free service will be applicable to those who are solely self employed and have no other income to declare. If however you receive income from other sources (such as employments or dividends) you will need to separately submit this data to HRMC through their platform as well.

    This is where TaxSheets is uniquely placed. For a very low cost, you can submit all your annual income declarations in one single place, quickly and easily. Furthermore, we provide you with free spreadsheets to help you keep track of your figures.

    If this doesn't apply, then our free service will be sufficient! However we always keep the proviso that if our free clients demand too much resource, the service may become unsustainable and be withdrawn in the future. That is definitely not our plan, hope or intention!

  • Do you provide support with my figures?

    Our support is limited to using our platform and its features. We do not provide accountancy related support in any of our packages. You may however find someone in the wider community is able to, but we leave that to you to make an informed decision.
  • Why should I use your paid services?

    If your income exceeds £85k you will need to use our paid services. If you are purely self employed and receive no other income or expenses then you do not need to use our paid service. Even if you do, you may still do a submission through HMRC however we believe that our spreadsheet platform is quicker and easier and will enable you to do all your figures and processing in one place rather than two.
  • How secure is your system?

    We pride ourselves on having regular automated scans provided by Indusface. These enable us to make sure all of our servers and our platforms are fully secure. Whilst no platform can ever be 100% bug free we certainly aim to do so!